AreaWFI is a technological company, owner of a new industrial patent, (Telecommunication System for the secure transmission of data therein and device associated therewith).
Our team is heterogeneous and we work analysing more aspect of the internet activity (tech, legal, social, politician…)
We produce hardware and software to use AreaWFI system in more internet services.
E-T is the name of the hardware personal device connected to the system.
E-T 1.0 is our first hardware to confirm our identity during more personal operations.
E-T 1.0 is the first personal hardware that creates the real first one internet system’s user and connecting it to internet the real will of a person becomes necessary function of a calculation process of a various of software and services internet systems.

AreaWFI an integrated system for a better structural use of internet.

WithForIn, Technology   Login service for remote access look at electronicterritory.com

Network-Realcommunity, Social, don’t believe to be only an avatar!

WFI-BUS, Logistic & Transport   – BusRunner and others 24 special bus for real smart cities managed inside an integrated system

WithForBlog, Editorial

E-T-commerce, retail and distribution

WithForMoney, fintech

Sponsorbing, Marketing

Look-On-Live, Video

Sound-On-Live, Music

WFI.fm, Radio